See you soon my friend

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This is not a good bye, this is just a see you soon, because our separation is not forever, it is just until we meet again. I am not sad, because if our souls are meant to meet again, they will, and if not, the simple miracle of having concurred in this earthly life is beautiful. Beautiful as all those moments you spent with me, all those laughs you gave me, all those lessons you taught me.

We fought those armies of sadness side by side and we enjoyed those rainbows made of beauty. We always supported each other as family; we faced a lot of adversity but we overcame it. You all have become my brother from another mother, my sister from another mister.

It was a pleasure to meet you, and not just your physical body, but your invisible body which is less tangible. It was nice to meet your principles and values, your fears and sorrows, your dreams and passions. I am glad and thankful for meeting all of you because you all showed me a bit of your being. I am glad you opened an inner window for me to see through your soul, even if it was just for a sunrise.

Even though we are different, we cohabit in harmony, despite your traditions are different from mines, our skin colors didn’t affect us. Even though we come from distant places, we built a link, a link that distance will not break, a link that not even a chainsaw can cut. We arrived as unknown people but we are leaving as colleagues, teammates and friends.

Before this experience I did not know you, but after it, I know a bit of your core, of your essence. I will always carry a piece of you in my heart, and I will let a piece of me be in your drawer of memories. There is no greater miracle than having looked into your eyes and seeing your nature, having heard your own language and having known your soul. I am happy that it happened, I am happy because for me our friendship just started.

Pablo Manuel López Navarro